Friday, July 13, 2007

Oh shit, I guess I'm back now.

Aaah, anarcho-hipsters and their hyper-nuanced (well, ok, possibly unintentional) sense of irony... and on a nearby stretch of wall, I found a slightly less arch, but equally hip, statement:

To my annoyance, I recently read that City Commissioner Leonard is planning to go after the "growing epidemic" of graffiti. As much as I enjoy his unvarnished style, and believe his heart to be in the right place most of the time, I find it disheartening to hear him engaging in this sort of Giuliani-esque posturing. I seriously doubt that regulating spraypaint will put so much as a dent in the amount of graffiti in PDX. At least I hope not. Imagine our beautiful, vibrant, engaging, and ever-contested city with nothing but blank walls and advertising. Impossible.


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