Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another grey summer morning. I'd chalk it up to the famed "June Gloom", except that it's July. Either way, it's a gentle way to begin a day, and this one turned sunny and glorious soon after my walk around the West End*.

*I actually think this Dwell piece is somewhat (typically) grating for a variety of reasons. Most frustrating to me is the misleadingly optimistic reference to the "derelict hotel" transformed into a "park". The Danmoore was a historic fabric building that should have been renovated rather than demolished and then replaced by a greedy church's private quasi-park. The demolition meant the loss of over a hundred units of subsidized housing for the not-so-up-and-coming people rendered invisible and expendable by this article, pandering away as it does to the trendy sensibilities of the disposable-income demographic that Dwell sells to its advertisers. I do think Kovel's renovation of the Skylab building is masterful, though, and --yeah-- I agree with his preference for "West End".
Just don't call it "SoBu", or I might have to kill you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also, it seems that Dwell will only profile upcoming designers/architects if they have beautiful children under 2.

5:55 PM  
Blogger drew said...

Um... Rapaport? oh wait, he's a developer.

6:26 PM  

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