Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As the price of gas drifts upward, slowly detaching from decades of government and industry sponsored social engineering in favor of the automobile, the slogan "drive less, live more" seems less and less like something that only someone like me --who rarely sees the inside of a car (I like to call them Denial Pods)-- would conjure up, and more like a semi-voluntary dawning awareness for more and more of my fellow citizens. Imagine how much more vibrant our cities would be if everyone spent more time on their feet and on bicycles and mass transit; how much less socially isolated we'd be; how much we could save, as a society, on medical care due to a sedentary lifestyle that our not-so-distant past as hunter-gatherers never prepared our bodies for; how good it would feel to know that we weren't greedily gobbling up a planet that our children and grandchildren might want to enjoy... much easier it would be to slow down and enjoy the modern petrogyphs in our midst.

Maybe it's time to heed the writing on the wall.

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Blogger Jasmin said...

Nice Pics!! I took the same picture some days ago (The one saying Honest with the bridge) :)I really love Portland, just moved here, its such a great and relaxed place. Take care, Jasmin

5:44 PM  

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