Monday, August 25, 2008

This oddly compelling work of art is mounted high up on a telephone pole in southeast. Exactly the type of thing that makes the average day much more enjoyable for me. I'm not sure what "quadrant" is a reference to, other than the five (yes, five) sections of the city that we refer to as "quadrants". And it's not particularly accomplished or anything as a painting. But it made me stop and spend a few engaged minutes looking up at an otherwise nondescript pole.

Remember last winter when someone was posting those cryptic paintings on telephone poles downtown? (I posted a picture of one of them here weeks before a photo popped up in the In Portland section of the O.) And some city government knuckle-dragger actually managed to track the artist -er, criminal- down and charge them? *update: found the story*

Funny how one arm of the city is gushing over Richard Florida and his "creative class" pop sociology, while the other arm is crushing one person's attempt to add some whimsy and out-of-the-box dialogue to the urban environment. Actually, not funny.

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