Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Again, I love the fact that our public space is such a contested arena. Personally, I am a big fan of mixed-use urban infill, and of contemporary design that uses quality materials. From a practical and philosophical standpoint, but also from the simple pursuit of aesthetic pleasure (something that is highly subjective, of course).

However, I also respect and revel in the unsanctioned communication that happens all the time on our walls and telephone poles and anywhere else people can make their mark. The photo below represents exactly this sort of process: a crushed pop can, with the word "progress" scrawled on it, nailed into a telephone pole across the street from a new 3-story building on N Williams that will feature a small number of residential units as well as retail. The scene neatly encapsulated some of the complexities circling around in my head everyday as I ride around our fair city wondering what the future might hold for us.

The rest of the photos, well, it's TBA time again, and I've been to exactly one performance: "Built", staged at the South Waterfront's Discovery Center. The last three photos were taken outside of that building.